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Why I Write

I have loved reading books since a young child.  Trips to the library were always fun.  Road trips meant extra reading time.  There was never boredom because there was always another book to read.  That continues to be true whether on an e-Reader, paper book, or book on CD.  What options we have!  I still love going to the library.  What about you?

There are so many authors I admire.  How many people have they impacted?  I want to be one of those authors.  Where will the idea come from?  Where is the time?  What about publishing and marketing?  Will anyone read the book?  Have you asked any of these questions?  We will explore possible answers in the coming blogs.

For many years I’ve enjoyed murder mysteries of Rita Mae Brown, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, plus J.K. Rowling, Maeve Binchy and listening to autobiographies read by the author of famous people still alive or recently dead.  I used to spend hours in my car commuting to work and visiting family every week so books on CD helped pass the time enjoyably.

My first idea for a book came while writing in my granddaughter’s journal.  I started the journal before she was born.  After spending time with her I usually wrote in the journal about what we had done and things she said.  Paying attention and recording this way, gave me the idea to put some of her observations and thoughts in a book for other preschoolers.

Daycare Advice from Haley tells toddlers and their parents what daycare is like from the perspective of a toddler.  The photos taken in the daycare help toddler understanding.  There are other daycare books, but not with a child’s viewpoint.

Do you journal?  Did you have a diary as a child?  I do and I did.  My parents each had diaries when they were young.  It was so great reading about their day to day life after they passed.  There was nothing startling, just average stuff, but that made it so nice.

One of my grandmas wrote a journal of her life.  Again so great for me to read.  It got even better when I read the section about me and “what a fine girl she is” I cried. She wrote it when I was twelve.  It felt like a blessing from her received decades later.

My mom died when I was about 40.  She had written a letter to me several years earlier when she had been ill.  It was such a blessing to read of her love for me and her advice plus special Bible verses.  I keep it in my Bible.  I always knew she loved me, but this letter is still a treasure.

When my two kids were in middle school, I started a journal for each of them.  I wrote in it about once a week.  I wrote about family trips, what they did in school, their friends, how proud I was of them, and how much I loved them.  Sometimes I wrote about a fight we had and how sorry I was to have had it.  This writing helped me when our relationship was bumpy.  I kept writing my own journal, too.

I was not sure if I would give them the journals, but when they were 19 and 21, I gave them the journals.  Then I started new journals, which I gave to them a few years ago.

My own journals kept me sane during some very insane years.  This was the place I could pour out my problems and sorrows without burdening anyone else.  It also helped me verbalize blessings in my life and work through decisions.  I don’t know if I will read them again, but for now I still have them.  And I continue to journal every few days mostly lovely thoughts and gratitude.