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A wonderful book for parents or grandparents to read to their about-to-be preschooler!

“Daycare Advice from Haley”
written by Deborah Martin



36 pages
33 full-color photos

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“I just started kindergarten and want to share my advice for kids new to daycare. I spent the first five years of my life there.”

For several of the five years that my granddaughter Haley attended pre-school I had the pleasure of driving her to and from school each day.

During our travels, I soon discovered that Haley was a very observant little girl and that she had a definite opinion on what she saw going on around her during each daycare session.

I also learned that Haley expressed a wisdom beyond her years.

For example, she understood that, at first, kids might be scared or sad to start daycare.

In Daycare Advice from Haley, she shares all the things she has learned throughout the years to make it easier for new kids to handle the transition.

From walking into the front door, to learning lots and lots of new things, to playing, and to making new friends, Haley talks about all the important parts of going to daycare. She tells about being safe and sharing and napping and snacking.

Haley’s firsthand advice is accentuated by a variety of full-color pictures of her pre-school world.

This is really Haley’s story. I’ve just very lightly edited her comments.

Grandma Deb