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Advice from a 5-year old
as told to Grandma Deborah Ann

by Deb Martin
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haleycoveronehalfWhat joy this granddaughter has brought to my life!

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Haley Reads Her Book

I wrote in my journal after we spent time together about what we did and things she said.

This got me paying attention to her young wisdom. We were together about every third weekend in her first five years.

Last year I moved to be near her and help more often when she started kindergarten. What fun it has been!

I take her to school several times a week. We laugh a lot and sometimes argue.

As I spent even more time with her, the idea came to me to write a book with her thoughts about daycare. What fun it was to put her ideas together and then get pictures to represent them.

The first time I got the idea to write this book was while writing in my granddaughter’s journal. I started the journal before she was born. Paying attention and recording her words, gave me the idea to put some of her observations and thoughts in a book for other preschoolers.

I dropped her off at Daycare some of the time. Sometimes she would be hesitant in the morning so I felt sad to leave her, but she would perk up to wave out the window as I drove away. She found her courage. I would wave out my car window.

Picking her up was much more fun. She would run over to be picked up and hugged. There were many things to remember to take home each day from her blanket and Winnie Pooh bear, backpack, artwork, notices, etc. She would help me get it all. In the car, she would tell me what happened during the day.

What a privilege for me to spend so much time with her. She reminds me to slow down, pay attention to things around me like bugs and flowers. We laugh when tickling.

We go to the park a lot to swing, spin, slide, teeter-tauter, roll down the hill, and shoot baskets. She learned to pump her legs to swing herself while still in the baby swing. I started her early so I could swing, too, because I love swinging myself. Sometimes we picnic. Sometimes we ride our bikes (with helmets).

When she was still a toddler, she would stand motionless watching an older child on the monkey bars. Then she would want to do it. I was afraid of her falling so I stood next to her and when she said, “Help!” I would grab her. Over time “help” was called less and less. She practiced at Daycare, too. Now she goes back and forth easily with strong muscles and determination.

Coloring with her is fun. Her art ability is much more than mine, but that is fine. We read lots of books, too. She continues to teach me to take time, pay attention, laugh, and keep learning. Life is good for this grandma and granddaughter.