About Deborah Ann Martin

Deborah Ann is the proud grandmother to Haley.

Deb gets to spend lots of time together with Haley laughing, coloring, reading, in the car, at the park, running around, swinging, and more. Haley loves math, writing, soccer, monkey bars, and reading.

Deb saw Haley about every three weeks for the years she was in daycare. She often drove her to or from daycare. Each day Haley would delight her with a wonderful new nugget of life wisdom she picked up that day; learning, eating and playing with her preschool friends.

Daycare Advice from Haley is the world of daycare seen through the eyes of a caring, fun-loving 5-year-old girl who has a most adult take on that world.

Deb enjoys seeing the world through Haley eyes and got the idea that parents and their preschool children would benefit from her insights. Grandparents too!

Recently retired from the corporate world, Deb now runs her own consulting company, as well as presenting at business events as a public speaker.

She also loves writing and has wished for some time to write and publish a children’s book.

The musings of her granddaughter Haley inspired her to publish her first book, Daycare Advice from Haley.

Deb hopes that you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed writing it!

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