Deb’s Story

Taken at Oshkosh Public Library, actively taking part on making the difference.

Deb’s passion for volunteer work started from an early age. As early on as High School she was involved in Student Council and other activities that helped her see the impact one was capable of making. It’s now Deb’s goal to connect other motivated individuals with volunteer opportunities that can make a difference in many different ways and on many different scales. With plenty of experience giving back to the community and the world, Deb Martin LLC is a great place to look if you are interested in giving back or helping to organize community assistance in any way. With her expertise you or your group can aid the less fortunate in the most efficient ways possible to maximize the amount of lives you can impact.

Finding great ways to donate time can be challenging. Sometimes there’s so many opportunities to help those who are in need of a hand that it can be hard to decide where to volunteer. With the help of Deb Martin identifying areas that could gain the most from assistance, and areas that overlap with existing passions becomes a breeze! Say goodbye to the worries of wondering if you have enough time to give, if it’s even worth it to give of your time, or if your contributions will be impactful enough to bother becoming engaged in the giving community. With Deb’s help you can be accurately and caringly pointed in the direction of projects or organizations aligned with your interests so that everyone wins: you, those your helping, and the world (for gaining another phenomenal volunteer)! Whether you have an hour to give a month, a day a week, special talents, or other resources, Deb Martin is a sure-fire way to ensure all involved get the most from the time you’re willing to give

Background Information:

  • MBA
  • Currently residing in Oshkosh
  • Retired from the corporate world
  • Specializes in advocating for hunger and poverty