Journey Part 4

My Journey part 4

As I get older humor is even more important as I seem to do more crazy things.  Luckily, I have a smart car that won’t let me lock my keys inside and has a GPS to keep me from getting lost!  One day the car may lock me out, “I’m not letting you back in until you wise up.”  I have my bike for back up.

Your tasks at times will seem overwhelming.  Rely on your faith, which is a force even stronger than knowledge, power or skill.  There is nothing God cannot do.  Take courage and keep going.  Seek God’s guidance.  Surprises will happen.  Seeming defeats can become victories when you keep moving forward.

Two times when I lost my job, I felt terrible at first and anxious.  Both times I got better jobs, better pay, and met more great people.  The times between jobs tested my faith and my ability to manage my time.  I focused on what I could do, listened to advice from people who knew the process and some going through the same thing, and forced myself to take actions like picking up the phone to make calls.

Notice the everyday things like the smell of coffee, the first tulips of spring, when the robins return, your comfortable chair, tasty food, and more.  Enjoy music even if you think it is played too loud.  Laugh with your friends and family.  Laugh at yourself.  You will do some silly things like forget why you went to that room and where you left your keys.

By nature, I am a serious person.  It has taken work to develop my humor and it has been worth it.   I used to get upset about trivial stuff like someone being late.  I learned to take a book or magazine with so I could read while I waited.  Now my iPhone does the trick.

We live in a beautiful country and world.  You can travel to many places.  Travel can be stressful so focus on the fun of it to reduce that stress.  Cars will breakdown and planes will be late.  It is not the universe against you.  Keep a perspective on the rough spots.  The rewards of seeing interesting places and meeting interesting people is much greater than the rough spots.

I have visited all 50 states and several countries.  We lived in different states from my grandparents.  I attended 4 different schools in 3 states.  As kids we took so many road trips and learned to read maps.  “Are we there yet?”  What a brat I was some of the time.

“I know for sure that to be present with yourself is the most important gift you can have.  Appreciate now, so that the next hour and the next year don’t slip away unnoticed.  Every moment matters.”  Oprah

This is moment is all you are guaranteed.  Be present in it instead of worrying about what is coming or about what happened in the past.  I learned this the hard way and missed so many moments.  Really days and weeks of lost time.

I would be planning the next party, rides to various events, next vacation, dentist appoints, etc. Those may be necessary tasks, but I would get caught up in them instead of playing with my kids.  Luckily, I have a second chance with my grandchildren.