Journey Part 3

My Journey Part 3

As a teen, I considered studying to be a minister.  I thought that was the way to share my faith and help others.  It is one way.  A powerful way.  It is not the only way.  I chose to get married at 19 instead.

It can be a challenge to bear fruit at work or with a difficult neighbor or relative.  For example, over the years I worked for some excellent bosses and a few where we did not work well.  Once in a mid-year job evaluation my boss told me I asked too many questions.  I was new to the job and was given only sketchy direction.  What I eventually realized was that my boss did not know the answers to my questions and was struggling in his own job.  I asked other people my questions to get the job done.  We got along much better after that.  I used my fruits of understanding and analyzing the situation for win/win.

What you see as the end of the road, is only a bend in the road.  Keep going.  Try different roads.  I often take the road less traveled.  That has made my life more interesting from the jobs I’ve had to the people I’ve met.

What if I had stayed a secretary instead of taking the foreman job in the factory?  What if I had not had children?  What if…  I made mistakes like going to work for one of my last companies.  The boss who hired me, retired about two months later.  The next boss and I never “clicked”.  I liked my co-workers and the job, but that was not enough.  Until I was no longer there, I did not realize how much that job hurt my health.

Your life stretches out before you.  Some decisions will affect your remaining life and others will be temporary.  Whatever your focus, find things to enjoy every day, week, and year.  Be present in your own life.  Yes, goals and plans are good.  Yet don’t allow your focus to be so much on them that you miss life in each day.

I read once that the week-end is only 2 days of a 7-day week.  Don’t just live for 2 of 7 days each week.  I decided then to each week do something interesting during the week.  Sometimes that was joining the church choir.  Or attending a seminar or play.  Or helping at Girl Scout meetings.  Or teaching a college class.

Enjoy your coffee or your choice of beverage.  Eat tasty food.  Your health is worth it.  Take time for friends and good books.  Have interesting events during the week, not just on weekends.  Your choice.

Don’t take yourself so seriously.  Laugh a lot.  Including laughing at yourself because you will do and say silly things.   I still test my car every few months by trying to lock my keys inside.  She just beeps at me.  She also beeps if I try to leave my keys inside.  Some day she may just lock me out.  “Not letting you in until you wise up!”  Thank goodness for the clicker when she is lost in the store parking lot. Laugh.

Life can be serious.  Your work can be serious.  But keep things in perspective and balance.